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10th International Summer
Academy & Festival 2015
(July-August 2015)
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LIEBESTRAUM - Vasilisa Lushchevskaya, harp
Works of J.-S. Bach, Daquin, Bochsa, Lisztm Godefroid, Glinka, Erdely, Mchedelov, Durand, McLaughlin, Zabel.
HarpMasters Academy Edition, ISMN 979-0-9000036-3-8


9th International Summer Academy HarpMasters

The 9th International Summer Harp Academy HarpMasters welcomed this year 30  participants in FUTURE and PRO groups from Austria, Germany, Holland, Hongkong, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and USA. The FUTURE program offered residence daily masterclasses with Irina Zingg. New to the HMA program was the presentation of the Featured Harp Class. This program aims to assist young harpists, while presenting  information about harp classes in different European Universities, study programs, living or scholarships possibilities, as well as giving an inside look into the profession.

 This year, Fabiana Trani, dozent for Harp at the Düsseldorf???s Robert Schumann Hochschule, exposed us to the history of the famous German Harp School and its development, discovered the difference of the Harp education in Germany compared to the other European countries, gave an inside look into the RSH study programs and cooperation with Jugend Symphonie Orchester der Tonhalle Düsseldorf. Presentation concluded with a day Masterclass:

FUTURE Harfen Gala at the HarpMasters Festspiele 2014 was the high point for the FUTURE participants, each of them has won deserved applause of the public.

PRO group, aimed for advanced harp students, offered this year an unique program of special classes, dedicated to different aspects of harp playing. The very first day, Fabrice Pierre generously treated everyone with his unique approach to the music and shared his precious knowledge on harp and music in general. Highly inspiring two days, packed with classes and less formal Backstage Talk, gave an intense start to the whole program.

The Audition Training with the principal harpist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra Petra van der Heide (sponsored by Camac Harps), were another intensive experience for young harpists and helped to learn repertoire, explore rules, secrets, all Dos & Donts by the orchestra auditions. Warmly-hearted Petra generously shared her unique experience as a orchestra harpist at the Backstage Talk with young harpists.

Park Stickney with his HarpMasters Jazz Workshop is always a greatly expected person and class at Summer HarpMasters Academy! As ever, this year class was intense yet fun und opened a new dimensions for the young harpists.

Mara Galassi, world-class specialist for the Early Music, once again impressed her audience with her encyclopaedic knowledge in the field. Work on Spohr and Mozart pieces boosts everyones awareness to the style rules of the certain epoch.

Some of participants enjoyed the break day while visiting Bern - the capital of Switzerland. Right time to establish new friendships and renewe old ones.

One of the most important reasons, why young harpists travelling from around the world to attend Summer HarpMasters Academy, is the possibility to study in sessions with Professor-in-Residence Milda Agazarian. One of the worlds best harp pedagogues, she devotedly teachs every summer at HMA and enjoys a great audience of returning students, year after year.

In recognition of Milda Agazarians contribution to the harp world in Russia and internationally, the HMA Award HarpPersonality was awarded to Ms. Agazarian at the Grosse Harfen Gala Final concert of PROs 2014  and closing concert of HarpMasters Festspiele 2014.

Enriching experience during 9th International Summer Academy HarpMasters of sharing an unique knowledge, skills and mutual inspiration will support everyone involved till returning in Summer 2015.


HarpMasters Festspiele 2014

HarpMasters Festspiele 2014, a festival of and around the Harp, was leaded this year by the young generation of harpists: talented, creative and determined. In cooperation with HarpMasters Academy, it offered deserved concert platform for the Alumni to present their talent, creativity and mastery.  Official opening concert, in presence of the community-president Elsbeth Maring-Walther, the HARPA VIVA programme, presented by Young Celebrity Master Carolina Coimbra (Portugal, HMA 2010 - 13) gave an enthusiastic impulse and was a source of inspiration for the HMA Future Group participants. Following HarpMastetrs Harfen Gala, performed by FUTURE Group participants  was an inspirational evening, both for the performers and the audience.

While one of the goals of HarpMasters Academy is to encourage and support the initiative of Alumni to create their own projects, the HarpMasters Festspiele make possible to offer an ideal platform for its realisation and presentation.

This year, Veronika Lemishenko (Ukraine), HMA 2011/13, YCM 2009), presented the new formed duo ???Sticks & Strings??? (with Anton Margichev, Percussion) in a multi-facetted program MONOLOG, culminating with world premiere of the Olga Victorova???s ???Make it so that I could talk to you ???, in presence of the author. Fresh instrumental combination along with skilled arrangements and mastership of the performers ??? guaranteed a great success of the evening.

Proudly committed this year the HarpMasters Academy to the children with presentation of the special concert for children: Kinderkonzert ???ODYSSEE auf 47 SAITEN??? ("A Harp Odyssey") is the project of Magdalena Hoffmann (Germany, HMA 2012 ??? 14) was an exciting journey with a harp to the world of Odyssey. Being an playwriter, dramatist, storyteller and performer for this unique author project, Magdalena???s sparkling to furious, gentle to mysterious harp sounds, supported with her dramatic talent and magnetic storytelling was an fascinating journey to the mysterious world:

Another Young Celebrity Master Elisabeth Plank (Austria, HMA 2011-12) presented the harp as versatile instrument in program KONTRASTE. Thanks to enthusiasm and talent of the young harpist the Sonatine für Harfe has been composed by A. Wykydal in 2013 and dedicated to Elisabeth Plank. The Swiss premiere of the piece was one of the high points of the program.

Traditionally, with Grosse Harfen Gala ??? final concert of PRO group ??? culminated HarpMasters Festspiele 2014. The parade of young harp talents from around the globe ??? an impressive, admirable and moving experience for the packed hall of audience, and an exciting and inspirational and unforgettable ??? for the performers.

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