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HarpMasters on the Road program was founded in 2010 with aims to promote the excellence in harp performance at local harp communities through master classes, theme workshops and lectures and also to stimulate audience interest in the harp through organizing concerts.


March 28 - April 4
3rd Harp Week Porto

2nd Maribor Harp Seminar


October 1-4
First Seoul Harp Seminar (South Korea)

June 12 - 19
First HarpWeek Uppsala (Sweden)

May 29 - June 1
Maribor Harp Seminar

April 12 - 19
Second Harp Week Porto


March, Portugal
First Harp Week Porto

May, Switzerland
Spring Harp Concert

May, Serbia
Vasilisa Lushchevskaya Recital at XIIth  Belgrad International Harp Festival

May, Switzerland
HarpMasters Benefits concert for the 25th Jubilee of the Inner Wheel
International Club District 199

March, Russia
Gala Concert “HarpMasters in Moscow”

January, Hongkong
Workshop “The Russian Harp Repertoire”

First HarpWeek Porto

The fascinating city on the banks of Douro, world famous for its Port Wine and its elegant Eiffel bridge, home town of two Nobel Laureates on Architecture and an UNESCO Heritage city - Porto welcomed a new joint project of Instituto Polit?cnico do Porto and HarpMasters: the First Harp Week Porto which took place on 23 – 30 March 2013. Being a HarpMasters on the Road programme, the week offered masterclasses with Irina Zingg, Posture Workshop with Dr. Celia Dion?sio, relaxation workshop with Dr. Fernanda Viana and furthered Carolina Coimbra as HarpMasters Guest.

Seven young harpists from Portugal joined the daily intensive master classes sessions (in two groups), in which we covered correct sitting position, sound production, pedalling, work organisation, technological basics of harp playing, interpretation – but of course all that for the benefit of music. First experience at HarpMasters of Technical Workshop was warmly welcomed by participants and its results already flourished the next days. During this workshop we covered the basic principles and working process on some of the harp technical basics: two hands arpeggios, Alberti Bass and trills. This work session gave participants a clear idea of how to work, which in the following days was developed and adjusted to each harpist individually.

My personal great discovery was Dr. Celia Dion?sio who involved us in a very interesting and extremely useful Posture Workshop. After an introduction about some physiological facts about how the body of a harpist is functioning, she worked with each one individually and after finding the correct posture for each participant, without extra tensions, the quality of the sound has improved immediately!

As a special moment during this Week, Carolina Coimbra, HarpMasters participant since 2009, was furthered HarpMasters Guest in her solo recital in her hometown. The aim of HarpMasters projects is to educate, to stimulate personal growth, to inspire true professional friendship among a young generation of harpists, but also to help them in the beginning of their careers.

Carolina Coimbra
We all worked very hard but what inspired us the most was the daily increasing dedication, and the determination of young harpists to master their harp playing. We all inspired each other and learned from each other. It was a great pleasure to have harp professors of Porto ?urea Guerner and Ana Paula Miranda coming to visit the Harp Week and to share their dedication to our profession with all of us.
Another special moment was having four HarpMasters Summer Academy participants Ana Aroso, Carolina Queiroz, Leonor Maia and Joana Ribeiro to serve as Organising Committee of the First Harp Week Porto. Is it not amazing to feel that the seeds we put each summer during the summer Harp Masters Academy in Switzerland are now growing in different corners of the world and that students wish to share the unique HarpMasters philosophy with their colleagues at home? I find it fascinating. It gives all of us a deep feeling of satisfaction, but also a growing sense of responsibility.

It was an amazing Week, culminated with a final concert, of new experience, learning, inspiration and growth. And the hardest was – to leave Porto! Thank you to all participants, their dedicated families, harp teachers, officials of the ESMAE. The biggest thanks to Adriana Baptista, who initiated this project, made impossible things coming true, and put everything together. We will repeat it again. Better to say: we will grow, and meet at the Second Harp Week Porto.
Irina Zingg

During Harp Week Porto I've learned a new technique of playing and new ways to study. Of all the workshops, this one was the best, not only for the training itself,  but also because I had the opportunity to communicate with other young harpists and with the amazing teacher, Irina Zingg, who has a fantastic relationship with the students. I really enjoyed the Harp Week Porto.
Beatriz Cortes?o

Harp Week in Porto was an exceptional experience. I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to go to HarpMasters in Berne, so I was very happy and excited that Irina Zingg was bringing it to Portugal!
It was great that we had a week full of private classes, master classes and workshops!
The environment was very friendly and willing to learn more. And, of course, the concert by Carolina Coimbra was very inspiring and enriching!
It is an experience to repeat for sure!
Ana Ester Santos

In July 2012, the members of the organization of the First HarpWeek Porto, went to HarpMasters Academy in Switzerland and were so excited and blown away with the teachers and their teaching level, the new techniques, the harpists interaction, the concerts and the organization that they decided to try to do something similar in Portugal to help Portuguese harpists. Irina Zingg, the creator of HarpMasters, talked with this excited group and told them how it could be possible to do such an ambitious project.

It was an amazing experience to be able not only to be a part of the group that had masterclasses, workshops and private lessons but also to be a member of the organization.
For me, the highlights of this HarpWeek were the private lessons and the workshops. The technique workshop where we learnt trils, alberti bass and two hands arpeggios, was really important and I think that indispensable for anyone that decides to study the harp. The posture and relaxation workshops were an innovation on HarpMasters projects and were useful and helpful to each harp student.
It was, again, possible to experience having lessons with Irina Zingg, who works with each student individually, focusing on what they need and how can they improve, giving them solutions for their problems and showing them new horizons that they can explore.
I am really thankful for this opportunity, mostly to Irina Zingg who was main motivation to help making the First HarpWeek Porto possible and who proved once again, her inspiring power with the harp teaching.
Leonor Maia

April 2013
Following the First Harp Week Porto held in Portugal last month, the HarpMasters on the Road programme will travel to the Serbian capital Belgrade and present Vasilisa Lushchevskaya in a solo recital at the XII Belgrade International Harp Festival. This recital is part of the HARPVISION Prize and will include the World Premiere of the new composition for harp solo “Charisma” by Carrol MacLaughlin.

Carrol McLaughlin and Vasilisa Lushchevskaya

The XVIII International Petar Konjovic Competition will also take place in Belgrade on May 10th-12th 2013, where HarpMasters Academy proudly sponsors the Special Prize in harp category. We wish all young harpists success, good luck and inspiration and we’re looking forward to discovering young harp talents.

Before the 8thI International “HarpMasters” Harp Festival which will open its doors in July 2013, on May 2nd we will welcome our supportive public to another HarpMasters on the Road concert. Diane Pauvert (Switzerland) and Carolina Coimbra (Portugal), both completing their Bachelor degrees respectively at Lausanne Hochschule der Kunste and Zurich Hochschule der Kunste, studying in parallel at the HarpMasters Exellence Academy, will present some harp music of different styles. More information here:

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Workshop "The Russian Harp Repertoire"
with Irina ZIngg , January 2010, Hongkong

Reflections on the Workshop “The Russian Harp Repertoire”

On one of the foggy winter weekend I had attended the harp workshop “The Russian Harp Repertoire”. Russian harpist Irina Zingg has spoken to us about love for the harp, necessity of the daily work, musician’s patience and dedication and, first of all, respect and love for the Music.  Here I share my main reflections of this special experience:

Music – First!
During the class I had performed the “Elegy” by famous Russian harpist and composer Xenia Erdely. I have learned that we harpists must do the exact phrasing in the pieces and also have a singing practice in our hearts every time when we are performing music. Besides, we always need to characterize clearly - which hand is playing the melody part and which is doing the accompaniment. This will ensure that the theme of the music will be brought out. Keeping that in mind, we will produce expressive music.

Importance of the basic work
We may find that it’s quite difficult for us to practice a piece, do you know why? It is because the basic work done by us is still not enough! We must practice scales and other exercises first before practicing the repertoire pieces. This makes our fingers become stronger and the sound equal. Actually, there are still many warm-up exercises for us to do. Irina has talked and showed us “Russian Technique Essentials” - basic exercises played by every Russian (and not only!) harpist. My summary: never be lazy to practice the Warm-Ups as this will ensure the stability of your performance.

Patients and Love for the Harp - are keys for success
I have learned that it is necessary to be patient and dedicated to the music during every practice session. When you are not able to play the whole piece smoothly and successfully at the beginning, never give up but select and practice the parts that you aren’t familiar with. Be patient and concentrate to those parts’ practice. Patience, concentration and love for the harp and music are very important because every successful piece needs our effort on both of the time and spirit. Do you agree?

Heidi Ng Chin Ting
13y.o, plays the harp for 5 years. Class Barbara Sze

Gala-concert "HarpMasters in Moscow"

March, 2011

 Recital with Vittoria Buzzi, Maria Krushevskaya, Veronika Lemishenko, Maria Mikhailovskaya, Chiara Pedrazzetti. Academy presentation - Irina Zingg

The second “HarpMasters on the Road” experience took place in Moscow during the 11th Moscow International Harp Festival (Founder and Artistic Director – Milda Agazarian). Six young harpists – participants of HarpMasters Academy delighted the highly-demanding  Moscow public with their skills and great enthusiasm. Mary Reid, student of the Royal Academy of Music in London, has participated at the HarpMasters Academy for the past five years: from the very first day we have been growing and learning together! Mary gave a Russian Premiere of Skaila Kanga’s Three Concert Pieces “Towards the Light” in an impressive and deep interpretation.

Chiara Pedrazzeti (harpist in Labirinto Duo with electric guitarist Sean Lanigan) and Vittoria Buzzi, both students of the High School of Arts in Zurich, made their way up to Moscow to sparkle in a brilliant and touching program of Celtic harp music – playing in styles ranging from traditional folk music to jazz to music influenced by minimalism. Never before presented in Russia, this style and presentation took the audience by the heart.

Moscow international stars Maria Michailovskaya and the Bloomington Winner Maria Krushevskaya and the young Ukranian harpist Veronika Lemishenko impressed us with their virtuosic skills. Still young, they are all mature musicians with their own convinced interpretations.  Maria Michailovskaya was completely absorbing with her personally touching sound in J.S. Bach’s Suite BWV 997; Veronika made us “feel and think” while performing Norma, and Maria Krushevskaya treated us to the brilliantly played Trio by Steinbelt (Sonata F-Dur for harp, violin and cello) and highly-virtuosic Fantasie on “Faust” by Zabel.   

Planned as cooperation between “HarpMasters on the Road” and the Moscow International Harp Festival, this Gala Concert resulted in much more than was anticipated. For young artists during their own establishment as personalities, nothing is more important than communication with each other, seeing other cultures (including different harp communities), and to learn and be inspired by other harp professionals, mentors or young ones. As well as this, such international events make an unbelievably strong impact on the local harp society, stimulating, encouraging, and sometimes shocking in a positive way with new musical ideas.

Thank you Moscow! We all had an unforgettable time together: lots of learning, warmth, inspiration and laughter!! See you very soon. In the meantime “HarpMasters on the Road” continues its world journey... follow us at www. or on Facebook, where you can book an event for your own local community!

Bern, April 2011
Irina Zingg


My experience in Moscow was incredibly life-enhancing. To see not only the city and the culture where so many musical legends have worked and studied, but also to play alongside Russian virtuoso harpists of today was a chance I never thought I would have, especially while I was still a student!

In preparation for the concert we were to give, we practiced at the recital hall, where the Junior Harp Competition was taking place. This gave me plenty of time to witness the Russian ‘behind-the-scenes’ etiquette. I have never seen so many young intense faces in one room before! Each competitor was accompanied by their teacher, mother and (in some cases) several siblings. It certainly was crowded and the atmosphere was very charged, showing how seriously the young Russians take their music making.  However, my hosts made sure I had the space to practice for my own performance and were very accommodating.

On the concert day, I was feeling very nervous, as I was playing after Veronika’s impressive display in Parish-Alvars’ Norma Variations and the Faure Impromptu. Veronika reassured me and helped me to get ready (with a special spray to stop my dress being full of static electricity due to the very cold, dry weather). She said all I needed to think about was ‘myself and the music’ and to stop worrying over practicalities- and never were words more true! The applause of the audience welcomed me on stage and I felt so privileged to be able to share the music written by my own harp teacher, Skaila Kanga, with a crowd who had never yet heard it. After my efforts, I listened backstage to the amazing Maria Krushevskaya- her playing was a real inspiration to work hard and aim high!

The following day, Irina treated us to a walking tour of the city and a visit to the Kremlin. Although it was icily cold, I marvelled at the majestic architecture, the statues on every street corner and the splendid state treasures in the Kremlin’s Armoury Chamber.  A real highlight for me was going inside the Moscow Conservatoire- I could practically taste the musical history. We looked at the plaques on the wall showing the winners of ‘Gold Medal’ diplomas and among other names I was pleased to recognize Maria Korchinska’s, the teacher of Karen Vaughn, Head of Harp at the Royal Academy in London. I liked thinking that my own Conservatoire has even a small connection with this legendary Russian institution. That evening, the gala concert of Russian harp students of all ages and levels fascinated me with their indomitable technique and nerves of steel.

After seeing many examples of native Russian artwork at the Tretyakov Art Gallery on Tuesday morning, I was off back to the airport. It is impossible for me to describe the impact of this visit in just a few words. To walk amongst places like Red Square where history was made was so moving. To make music with Russian harpists who are continuing the legacy of their long tradition was a real honour. And I look forward eagerly to the day when I can return to explore the city, spend time with my new Russian friends and make music in this historic place.  Thank you “HarpMasters”  for giving me this experience of a lifetime!

London, April 2011
Mary Reid


After months of “I’m looking forward to it!!!” March came and so began our adventure..on the road to Russia!
Before talking about the Harp Festival, or Moscow, I must say that the fact of again meeting Milda, Mary, Veronika , Masha was the biggest pleasure ever. These beautiful people helped to make this time unforgettable. Thank you for taking care of us and being with us all the time!

We really enjoyed performing our “celtic concert” for an enthusiastic public, and after playing we were delighted to listen to our friends playing wonderful pieces with the pedal harp - performed with a great example of Russian virtuosity. I learnt so much just watching and listening! Only Sean was a bit “tired” after the festival- as a guitarist, so many hours of harp, harp and harp were a bit too much for him!

During the days of “harp celebrations” we had a lot of fun discovering the fascinating world - for us unknown - that Russia offers.  We didn’t waste any time: we saw a beautiful ballet, we listened to an orchestral concert, we went to an art gallery, we visited an astonishing monastery, we saw great buildings such as the Bolshoj Theater, the Tchaikovski Conservatory, the Kremlin - with the impressive cathedrals, a huge museum and the fantastic and shining…treasure of the zars!

I enjoyed every moment of our time in Moscow. We felt that our 9 days flew! It was a fabulous experience and I thank Irina for inviting us there! Hopefully we’ll visit Russia again and meet our friends… maybe for the 12th edition? We hope so!

Zurich, April 2011
Chiara Pedrazzetti


HarpMasters ist nicht nur ein fantastischer Sommerkurs, sondern auch ein Programm, das während dem ganzen Jahr die HarfenistInnen begleitet, die internationale Welt der Harfe zu entdecken. Im März wurden Chiara Pedrazzetti, Mary Reid und Vittoria Buzzi eingeladen, am Event von HarpMasters on the Road “HarpMasters in Moskau” teilzunehmen.

Der Event, vom Russischen Verein der Harfenlehrern (ARHT) organisiert, hat sich am Donnerstag 24. März mit der ersten Edition des Rubin Jugend Harfenwettbewerb eröffnet. Am Sonntag den 27. März hat die Preisverteilung und nachher das Eröffnungskonzert des 11. International Moskauer Harfenfestival stattgefunden. Als Repräsentanz von HarpMasters on the Road haben drei Harfenistinnen der Moskau Akademie (Maria Mikhaylovskaya, Veronika Lemishenko, Maria Krushevskaya) und die drei Gäste Chiara und Vittoria (in einem keltischen Duo und mit Sean Lanigan– Elektrische Gitarre) und Mary (mit dem neuen Stück von Skaila Kanga) vorgespielt.

Die Besonderheit des Konzertes von Montag den 28. März, Images, war die Projektion auf einer grossen Leinwand von geeigneten Bildern. Die schwierige Sucharbeit von den zwei Studentinnen Veronika und Valeria hat sehr gute Früchte gegeben, die Bilder konnten die gewünschte Atmosphäre optimal darstellen.
Am Abschlusskonzert von Mittwoch 30. März waren die Harfenistinnen von einem Kammerorchester begleitet, das den sanften aber kräftigen Klang der Pedalharfe gut erheben konnte.
Die anwesende Harfenisten, insgesamt mehr als 100, kamen von Russland (Moskau und St. Petersburg) und Ukraine.

Diese Erfahrung war sehr wichtig sowohl auf professioneller Ebene als auch auf  persönlicher Ebene. In der Tat haben wir die Young Celebrity Artists der letzten HarpMasters, Maria M. und Veronika, wiedergesehen und die Young Celebrity Artists von nächsten Sommer, Vasilisa Lushchevskaya, kennengelernt. Diese sehr nette junge Frauen haben uns begleitet, die wunderschöne Stadt Moskau zu besuchen, und haben uns wohl fühlen lassen. Sehr interessant war auch der professionelle Vergleich mit ihrem Spiel und mit ihrer Präsenz auf der Bühne.

Am Samstag, den 2. April mussten wir leider schon nach Hause zurückfliegen, aber die Motivation den professionellen Weg in der Harfenwelt fortzusetzen ist sehr stark. Ein herzlichen Dank zu Irina Zingg für die Organisation von diesen Eventen! Wir freuen uns schon auf der neuen Edition von HarpMasters von nächsten August!

Lugano, im April 2011
Vittoria Buzzi

Sunday, May 29, 2011, 18.30, Kirchgemeindehaus, Muenchenbuchsee
"Virtuoso Harp"

Grandjany, Krumpholz, Godefroid, Renie, de la Presle, Jolivet, Mchedelow, Salzedo 

Concert with students of Irina Zingg, participants of HarpMasters

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