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Welcome to the International Harp Academy 'HarpMasters'

International Summer Harp Academy “HarpMasters” has proved its success Summer after Summer, since its establishment in 2006. Since then, harpists - celebrities, teachers and students - from all over the world come over to join a unique group of dedicated professionals to learn, inspire and establish friendships. Year after year we build a community of exchange between the world’s leading masters and young artists from all over the world all in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. With patience and dedication, HarpMasters Academy invests in the talents of young harpists, while creating, developing and promoting excellence in harp performance. This way, HarpMasters Academy offers a life-changing experience, an opportunity for learning, for sharing and for inspiration.

Here are some key qualities in which we believe and which are important for us. These have brought HarpMasters Academy recognition of the international harp community worldwide:

KNOWLEDGE – the central point of all classes, workshops and lectures is the unique and fundamental knowledge of each professor in their own field.

INSPIRATION – we believe that inspiration is a major force behind the continuous growth and development for every musician. HarpMasters Academy’s most stimulating atmosphere strengthens one’s own will, boosts concentration, stimulate creativity and gives the joy of making music throughout the whole year.

TRADITION – we treasure tradition in harp performance and pedagogy. We try to create a link between the generations of harpists in order to keep traditions and develop them.

CREATIVITY -  We encourage each harpist to explore life through creating innovative projects with an harp, making the future happening and enjoying it.
Be yourself and give your best!

EXPERIENCE – celebrity performers, teachers or young harpists – the celebrities of tomorrow – we all share our unique professional and personal experience and enrich each other

FRIENDSHIPS - establishment of lifetime professional true friendships – is essential to HarpMasters Academy since the very beginning. Establishment and deepening of friendships often leads to new unique projects worldwide.

INDIVIDUAL  APPROACH – we believe that each person is unique. With respect and value of every personality, we educate and support young harpists on their way to establishment, professional and personal.

ENCOURAGEMENT – We encourage young harpists to give the best of their own talent; we carefully follow the needs of the young generation and update classes to give the best coaching possible in order to prepare for a successful artistic or academic oriented harp career.

SUPPORT – we aim to give a firm support to HarpMasters Academy’s Alumni in order to start a successful career. In cooperation with musical organizations worldwide, we feature different projects of our Alumni - recitals, workshops, lectures – to give deserved exposure.

RESEARCH - We progressively intend to collect, produce and divulge information about the global harp world aiming to publish theme editions, scores and academic works from those who share their academic and instrumental research work with us.

International Summer Harp Academy "HarpMasters" offers two groups with regard to level of preparation and needs of the harpists:

HarpMasters FUTURE is aimed at beginners to intermediate harpists and focuses on instrumental basics, sound production, optimising work organisation, basic interpretation rules.

HarpMasters PRO – gives advanced students and young professionals intensive coaching in different fields and styles of harp performance: jazz, baroque, modern music workshops and masterclasses complimented with study of French harp repertoire and audition training. Residential masterclasses offers continuous work on sound production, technique perfection and detailed interpretation.

FUTURE HarpMasters


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