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HARPVISION Prize Print version
The prize for young harpists “HARPVISION Prize” is established by HarpMasters and initiated by Irina Zingg, Founder of HarpMasters. The Prize is aimed to support young harpists at the beginning of their careers and includes CD recording for “HarpMasters Records” and debut recital at the International Harp Festival “HarpMasters” in Switzerland.  The first HARPVISION Prize was given at the First Xsenia Erdely International Harp Competition (, held in June 2012 in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The HARPVISION Prize is financiert by Association “Friends of HarpMasters” and HarpMasters Benefits concerts. The first Benefits concert was given by Vittoria Buzzi, Carolina Coimbra and Cristina La Bruna for the “25th Jubilee of the Inner Wheel International Club District 199” in May 2012 in Bern

HARPVISION Prize winner:

 Vasilisa Lushchevskaya (Russia)

Vasilisa Lushchevskaya, young harpist of extraordinary talent and strong professional dedication, born to the artistic family in Moscow. Vasilisa joined the harp class of Professor Milda Agazarian in 1996: first at the Gnessin Special School followed in the Russian Academy of Music.

Vasilisa is the prizewinner of numerous international competitions form her tender ages: Young Harpists Competition (Moscow, 1997), Lily Laskine International Harp Competition (Junior Division, 1999), International Competition “Classical Heritage” (Moscow, 2005), among others. The recent prizes include the Bronze Medal at the USA International Harp Competition (Bloomington, 2010) and most recently the First Prize at the Ksenia Erdeli International Harp Competition (St. Petersburg, 2012).

Concert stages of Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nigniy Novgorod, Lipezk, Kaluga and many others) and Europe (Spain, Greece, Finland, Switzerland) were welcomed Ms. Lushchevskaya as a soloist and soloist with an orchestra.

Her talented was nurtured to be flourished since early years. Vasilisa was the scholarships winner of Charity Fund “New Names” (1999) and Vladimir Spivakov Fund (2004), as well has won the position of “Young Celebrity Master” at the International Harp Academy and Festival “HarpMasters” (2011) 

Since 2006, Ms. Lushchevskaya is the soloist of the internationally acclaimed chamber group QuintElle (piano, violin, Viola, Cello, Harp), formed by five “Lushchevsakaya – sisters”. The group tours extensively in Russia and abroad, and has been crowned with international prizes, the Grand-Prix and the “Best Instrumental Ensemble” Award of Fashion House International in 2009 among others.

Vasilisa Lushchevskaya is the winner of the HARPVISION Prize at the recent Ksenia Erdeli International Harp Competition. This Prize includes a solo CD recording for “HarpMasters Records” and a solo recital at HarpMasters Festival in Switzerland (2014)

Vasilisa Lushchevskaya

May 12, 2013
XII Belgrade International Harp Festival, Serbia

April 2014
Second HarpWeek Porto, Portugal 

July 2015
910h International Harp Festival & Academy "HarpMasters", Switzerland

information and booking:

The World Premiere

The new piece for the harp solo Charisma was composed by Distinguished Professor of Harp,  Arizona University, Dr. Carrol McLaughlin in Autumn 2012 and dedicated to the young talented harpist Vasilisa Lushchevskaya

The idea of this creation was born just after the end of the First Xenia Erdely International Harp Completion in June 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Irina Zingg, Artistic Director of HarpMasters, has asked Carrol McLaughlin to compose a short striking piece for the Vasilisa’s CD programme, to be released by HarpMasters Records in 2014.

“Charisma was written for Vasilisa Lushchevskaya after I heard her win the 2012 Xenia Erdely competition in St Petersburg, Russia”, – says Carrol McLaughlin - “I was so impressed with the charisma; charm, elegance, effervescence and brilliance that she shone from the stage that I knew the piece must be called Charisma in honour of her magical talent on the harp”.

From the first time I played the work of Carrol McLaughlin I felt it’s positive energy. The fresh and bright music, sparkling with interesting sound effects, that does not leave you untouched with its great temperament,  it was a real challenge and joy to work on Charisma. I had an inspiring and great time while learning and performing it” – shares Vasilisa.

The World Premiere of Charisma took place during the 12th  Belgrade International Harp Festival on 12th May 2013 with the presence of the author, during the Vasilisa Lushchebskaya’s solo recital, presented by HarpMasters Academy.

Carrol McLaughlin and Vasilisa Lushchevskaya

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