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Mondovì, Italy
Scuola di Musica
Via Delle Scuole 35
12084 Mondovi (CN)

Arrival and Departure

Arrival date
Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Departure date
Sunday, July 21, 2024


Thursday, July 11, at 09:00
Saturday, July 20, at 23:00


HMA welcomes:
Active participants


Official hotel of the HarpMasters Academy participants is Albergo dell’ Academia Mondovi.  The booking at special rates is available through HMA (Check Fee section below). Alternatively, participants may organise their stay at other locations.


included  (Albergo dell’ Academia guests)
3 group dinners are included in the Course fee (standard allergies will be considered). On other days dinners are independent.

Repertoire Requirements

– at least 1-2 compositions in a concert standard preparation (included 1 short composition of max. 5 min)
 – 2  or more compositions in advanced preparation

Adequate preparation of the required historical performance practice seminar and orchestral repertoire.  Scores will be sent to the participants after acceptance.


Following options to choose :

– to rent a shared harp (see FAQ)
– to bring your own harp for individual use

Bring with you 

– scores of performed works
– tuning key
– tuner
– long concert dress to perform at the closing HARP GALA
– spare harp strings (if harp is rented, see above «Harps»)


Active participant receives Certificate of Award confirming the concluding of the Program, signed-up by all Professors and Celebrity Guests.


Medical and travel insurance are obligatory and the responsibilty of each participant


Active participation

Basic fees:
– application fee
– course fee
Optional fees:
– harp rent  (see “Harps”)
– accomodation (see “Accomodation”)
– private lessons

Auditor’s Fee

daily fee, no application fee applied


Naja Mohoric
Executive Director


Application Documents

  1. Application form
    Active Participants
  2. Letter of recommendation from harp professor (no need for return participants)
  3. Video recording (in form of link that do not require a password or download e.g. YouTube…)
  4. Motivational Video (in form of link that do not require a password or download e.g. YouTube…)
  5. Publicity photograph, suitable for printing and/or use on social media
  6. Application fee


Admission Decision

After submiting all application documents, your application will be considered within 14 days. Notification («Acceptance Letter») will be sent by Email. This will be followed by «Registration Form» which includes all activities the participant is registering for.

In case of non-acceptance, applicant will be notified by Email.

Payments schedule

Application fee is submitted with Application Documents
Rest of fees:
– 50 %  within 10 days after receiving “Registration Form”
– 50% within 30 days after receiving “Registration Form” 


Application fee  190.-
Course fee  685.-
Harp rent 180.-
Accomodation  440.- (prices quoted are on a shared basis (2 people))
Private lesson  100.-
Auditor / a day  40.-

*All fees are in EURO.

Payment methods:
— Credit Card

Cancellation policy

Written cancellation will be accepted before May 1 of the applied course’s year. All paid fees will be refunded, except Application fee, bank and credit cards transmissions costs. Course cancellation fee Euro 130.00 will be charged. After May 1 of the applied course’s year there will be no refund in the event of cancellation or non-attendance. All outstanding fees must be paid.

Court competence

Exclusive court of jurisdiction is BERN (Switzerland). All legal relationship between appreciates contacts or purchase orders and its Business Conditions are governed by Swiss law.

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