HM ALUMNI around the WORLD

since 2006...

Alba BRUNDO, Italy

HMA & F Communication and PR Director

Chiara PEDRAZZETTI, Switzerland

ARPAtelier Artistic Director, International Soloist

Carolina COIMBRA, Portugal

Professor of Harp, Escola Suprior de Musica de Lisboa (ESML)
International Soloist

Lenka PETROVIĆ, Serbia

1st Prize Winner, 20th International Harp Contest in Israel

Beatriz CORTESAO, Portugal

3rd Prize Winner, 21st International Harp Contest in Israel

Elisabeth PLANK, Austria

International Soloist


Former Official Harpist to the Prince of Wales
Founding Member, The Hermes Experiment

Jessica SÁ, Portugal

Harp Professor, Conservatorio Escola Profissional des Artes de Madeira

Solenn GRAND, France

Princiapl Harp, The Prague State Opera

Maria SÁ SILVA, Portugal

3rd Prize Winner, 7th World Harp Competition, The Netherlands

Güneş HIZLILAR, Turkey

1st Prize Winner, Marcel Tournier International Harp Competition
Co-principal harp Niedersächsische Staatsorchester Hannover

Katja ŠUMEČNIK, Slovenia

Harp Professor, Music school Velenje, Co-President of Slovenian harp Association

Magdalena HOFFMANN, Germany

Principal Harp, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

Melody TAM, Hong Kong

Awards-Winning Harpist, Founding Member of Hong Kong Harp Quartet

Sehee HWANG, South Korea

4th Prize Winner, 11th USA International Harp Competition

Li Shan TAN, Singapore

1st Prize Winner, 6th Mexico Internationa Harp Competition

Claire JONES, UK

Former Official Harpist to the Prince of Wales
International Soloist

Maureen THIÉBAUT, France

1st Prize Winner, Concours International de Harpe de la Cité des Arts de Paris

Cristina LA BRUNA, Italy

Harp Professor, Liceo classico e musicale C. Cavour

Yuko TOMONAGA, Japan

1st Prize Winner, 3rd International Harp Competition in Slovenia

Vasilisa LUSHCHEVSKAYA, Russia

3rd Prize Winner, 8th USA International Harp Competition

Lina VARLAMOVA, Russia/Marocco

Principal Harp, Orchestre Symphonique Royal du Maroc

Yevgenya MARCHENKO, Ukraine

1st Prize Winner, IVth Wales International Harp Festival


6th Prize Winner, 10th USA International Harp Competition
Harpist, Moscow Bolshoi Theater Orchestra

Naja MOHORIČ, Slovenia

Harp Professor, Music school Nazarje & Music school Velenje
Executive Director HMA & F, Co-President of Slovenian harp Association

Tara VISCARDI, Ireland

1st Prize Winner, 2021 London Camac Harp Competition

“HarpMasters is one of the best experiences that a harpist can live up - it completely opens your mind. We have learned so much from all these incredible harpists and teachers! Not only about harp playing but also about the music career, personal experiences, competitions, auditions, and much more....”

Maria Vassalo Lourenço Portugal

"HarpMasters never fails to be an incredible experience altogether with so many great harpists as our mentors - each with their unique expertise and individual precious input. To live up the HM experience keep helping us harpists grow professionally and humanly both, thanks to all these amazing people who surround us every year.”

Cassandra Tomella Italy

“At HarpMasters, I met amazing musicians and brilliant professors – in perfect environment to concentrate, learn, study and improve. […] It was definitely an eye-opening experience that enabled me to get to know myself, my goals and how I can work on achieving them.”

Ana Luisa Aguiar Valente Portugal
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